Our goal is to provide the highest quality of therapeutic massage with careful attention to individual client needs, while upholding professional standards. 

Therapeutic massage can aid in the treatment of a number of conditions, including: 
Muscle tension/spasms
Pain Management
PMS symptoms 

 TMJ syndrome 

Massage therapy is a healing art as well as a science.  Compassionate human touch has many positive effects on overall well being and can be an important part of a comprehensive program of health and wellness.  Our massage therapy is administered by professional, licensed therapists in a safe, calm and healing environment.

All of our massage therapy is custom tailored to suit your needs.  


Our massage is priced for the time spent in service and your needs are the driving force behind the type of massage we recommend.  

Most massage sessions are a mix of several modalities and regardless of how deep you like the pressure or whether you are here for treatment or relaxation we focus on you and what you wish to accomplish during your session.


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